Monday, 4 May 2009

My Lucky Day!

Today has been the last day of my week off and I'm due back in for a very busy week tomorrow :(.

So I was really excited to see that I've won this week's Twisted Thursday challenge! It's a random choice of winner, but I'm chuffed to bits! Karolyn said the paper I used was "some of the yummiest design paper I've seen". I agree with her and I need to thank my friend Anne who gave it to me as she thought I'd have a better use for it. Thanks Anne! I only used some, perhaps you'd like a sheet back now ;). There is no Twisted Thursday this week, there is going to be blog candy and all kinds of fun going on at Shirleys2Girls instead. Clik on the link in my sidebar to visit them...

And then I found that I am one of two winners at Ismaki this week as well!!! This is just brilliant and I feel like the sun has come out on this rather cold, grey Bank Holiday :). Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, or maybe I have had my share of the luck... :)

Thank you to the Ismaki challenge team and to Karolyn and the Shirleys2Girls Team!


  1. YAY anne!! congrats, you deserve it:)

  2. Congratulations all the way around! How fun to win not one, but twice!

  3. Anne, it's no wonder you are winning so much. It's your carma. No one can be as nice and fun as you are without some good things coming back your way. All of us that get the benefits of your lovely-ness, all send back happy thoughts and prayers of blessings to you. I am just glad to see that my wishes are getting to you. Here is a ((warm hug)) from me. Your friend, Leslie

  4. Yay, Anne!! I'm so happy that you're happy! Can you check out the S2G stamps and let me know which stamp you want, and then email me with your address and stamp choice? Congrat's again!!

  5. Congratulations, Anne! You really deserve it, sistah! :)

    Hugs, Vanja

  6. Wow! You're Rockin It! Did you buy that lottery card?


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