Sunday, 21 September 2008

Stampathon participation cancelled due to fine weather

ATCsfor all ran a Stampathon this weekend, a challenge to make as many stamped cards as possible. The Friday night challenge was to use one stamp only, between 5pm and midnight, wherever in the world you were and make as many variations of ATC as possible. What a great idea! Friday daytime I lined up my stamps, looked them over and marshalled them into lines. I cut backgrounds ready to stamp. I made a couple of cards and then sat down to eat with the family. Then the lights went out.

The whole village had a power cut that lasted probably less than two hours. Problem was that we invited our new neighbours round and opened a couple of bottles in the candlelight. That was the end of the Friday night challenge for me! Also the end of any early start to Saturday as I felt somewhat delicate when I woke. And then the weather! It was just too nice to spend much time indoors, the outdoor jobs have piled up all summer waiting for decent weather and this weekend here it was. So the only stamping I have to show is a set of 4 bird ATCs which will be my cards for the Birds and Bees swap.

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