Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ruby Tuesday and Halloween

Tonight's crafting was all planned - until my friend rang and took me up on my offer to look after her youngest daughter while she looked round a secondary school with her older daughter. I guessed that Mum had underestimated the length of the open evening so I decided we needed something to do. We got out a selection of stamps and Susie fell for the Graphicus Ruby Tuesday stamps. I clear embossed some flowers on navy card and gave Susie my resist paints to paint them with. I get excited watching them change colour like magic, at forty-something, so I felt sure I was on a winner here with a six year old .

I cut them out and we just had time to glue them onto a card before Mum and older sister arrived. We had so much fun, I just hope she wasn't too hyped up, it was some hours past her bedtime and Mum had expected her to be asleep!

I think this proves a point: if a stamp is good quality even a six year old can get good results with it; I love the stamps I've bought from Graphicus, they work really well for me. Susie said that if I ever didn't want the Ruby Tuesday stamps it would be ok with her. Don't hold your breath Susie!

While Susie was painting I made a start on my ATCs for the Stamp Attic October swap. Each month we have to decide whether or not to swap, without knowing how many will take part or what the theme is. So now I have to make twelve Halloween ATCs :(. I don't have a Halloween stamp and I decided to buy some digital images from I really like her work, of course I had to buy more than just the Halloween images...

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