Friday, 5 September 2008

Craftling's 10k Blog Candy - against word verification

I've come across this Blog: - the Blog of Chris, a lady with a mission. Chris HATES word verification :).

What is it and why should it become extinct? For all the info, go to Chris's Blog and read what she has to say. But, in a nutshell, WV is where you have to read a random, jumbled series of letters and sometimes numbers and enter them before you can join an internet group or leave a comment on a Blog. It's there to avoid mass postings of Spam by automated programmes - humans can see the word and solve its puzzle, but computers can't.

Trouble is, it takes time to do this each time you leave a comment. It can also drive people to distraction figuring out the pesky WV. The alternative safety net for your Blog is to opt for comment moderation instead of WV. This means you get a message via email each time a comment is left, and can approve the comment - or not.

As a bribe to get bloggers to veto WV, Chris is offering a huge Crafting Blog Candy. The draw is 15 September and your entries in the draw depend on what you do about WV.


  1. I have to say, I disagree. I know that WV is annoying sometimes, but if you only check your email once or twice a day and you get a lot of comments, the advantage to WV is that the comments go up straight away and then other people who might want to comment can read what's been said before. If I still worked at a desk job where I was on the computer consistently through the day, and could therefore approve comments rapidly, I might switch over...

  2. Oh, and another thought - I like to see my comment go up straight away so I can read it again and see if it makes sense (or not!) or if I left anything out. I know I can do that with a preview, but frankly, that's as much work as doing the dang WV in the first place.

  3. I agree with Christine - the letter thing is annoying. I prefer comment moderation rather than comments going straight up. It also means that I get to read every single one and don't miss any.
    Ann xxx

  4. It's also the polite and considerate thing to do. If visitors go to the time and trouble to leave comments, the very least I can do is not to put needless barriers in their way for my own selfish reasons.

    Chris xx

  5. Hi, Anne! :o)

    This is perfect! Thank you for joining in with my 'blog candy against word verification' campaign! You have FIVE entries in the draw. Best wishes with that! :o)

    I would encourage you to protect your blog, though, by switching ON Comment Moderation. This will stop the occasional spam comment from getting through, without causing any problems for visitors to your blog.

    Your choice, of course! ;o)

    It is a pity that some of your readers clearly didn't follow your link to my blog and read the arguments in full, or the huge response to the post which shows how many other bloggers also hate it.

    Take care and God bless..

    Chris xx


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