Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Turn it off Candy!

The ABC Christmas Challenge is campaigning against Word Verification on blogs, it makes leaving comments when visiting blogs so much more fiddly and time consuming. To encourage us all to turn off Word Verification they are offering blog candy, which closes at midnight tonight.

There's just time to enter if you hurry on over to the blog, but more importantly please check your settings and turn off word verification :).

No cards to post today, just more flippin' snow pictures, there we were again back to square one with 4-5", hardly any roads gritted, no school, papers did get here by lunchtime, but mopst roads very treacherous. Got the car stuck for the first time today but managed to push it out of the snow - phew!
Icicles on the wisteria...

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  1. Oh Anne, That snow is really giving you trouble, isn't it. I wish for you a warm, sunny summer to make up for the snowy winter. Hugs, Micki


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