Monday, 13 October 2008

More Hallowe'en ATCs

I got the chance to make another 6 ATCs for the Stamp Attic's swap, due next week. That completes my total of twelve, thank goodness! As before, I used images downloaded from , with ribbons, Stickles, Glossy Images and an Art Impressions tree stamp on Glimmer Misted background.


  1. they are so cute:) great job!!

  2. Oh I love your ATC's! I owe some so I will follow you. I love doing collage projects, big or small. BTW. I read your comments and you are one funny gal. Be scary to put us in a room together I think. ;-)

    On to more serious things however ;-) you asked about multi embossing. I don't know if that is the phrase for it, it simply my phrase, you stamp with whatever ink you prefer to emboss in then just sprinkle bits of different embossing powders over different areas of the image. I try not to contaminate my powder but it does happen on occasion and then cool, you have a new color. Holler if you have questions!

  3. I love these they are so cute! I have never done collage before where do you get the cute kids and such? I would not even know where to begin. But I could see having fun with this.
    Thanks for the inspiration:)

  4. These are awsome! I really like them... I have never done anything like this before where do u get the images to put on the card I assume they are cut out with scissors?


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