Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ghostiwobbles Mystery Card

Astonishingly, it's still only October and we had quite a lot of snow overnight, which was still lying on the ground in places at the end of today!
Today I visited a friend and I haven't set foot in my craft room (gasp!). But just as I thought I would have nothing to post, this came today.
There is no clue to the sender, other than that they are part of the UKATC Group, it's signed Happy Haunting from UKATC Ghostiwobbles. Quite a few people on the list have posted that they've received a card, but as yet Ghostiwobbles remains anonymous.
So far I've held out and I haven't eaten the chocolate ghost... yet! Thank you Ghostiwobbles, whoever you are :)


  1. Anne this is brilliant!! And how spooky to do it anonymously! A great idea and I hope Ghostiwobbles has a haunting halloween!

  2. This is so cute and I can't believe you have snow! Yikes. Stay warm.


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