Monday, 20 October 2008

I'm on a stamp diet for a month

Last week my Elusive Images order arrived, with delectable goodies, mainly paid for by winning their website competition. I have the gorgeous bird designs, solid butterflies (already have the detailed stamps) and Graphicus Guild stamp of the month, a stitched design.

Then on Saturday Stamps & Memories had an open day at the local village hall.I dashed over there before we left to go racing at Cheltenham and came back with the cupcake stamps as well as a Christmas tree/snowflake set. In the post when I returned were the two stamps I'd ordered from Whiff of Joy on Tuesday night.

This all seems a bit excessive, so... I'm not going to buy any more stamps for one month. Yikes what about the GG club stamp? Hopefully it will still be available in a month's time. Or maybe I won't want it? Yeah, right...

So no stamps until 20 November. Paper, inks, fine. Just no stamps. Hope I can resist temptation for a month ;)


  1. My friend, I wish you all the luck in the world!! I am as good at staying away from stamps as I am at staying away from food!! LOL! All the stamps and goodies are so awesome! I am sooooo jealous! When can I come over and play? Have a great day and start making some awesome creations with all your new goodies!
    Hugs, Leslie

  2. Hmmmm. Good luck with that. Looks like you got some great stuff though! Can't wait to see what you create!

  3. These goodies look like a lot of fun to me! I can't wait to see what you put together with them...

  4. What a noble aim! I wish you well with it!
    Seriously, what a great idea. I think we all need to assess what we have and whether we really "need" any more every now and then. Good luck.

  5. wow good luck not buying anything...i wish i could go on a stamp diet, i am running out of room!!

  6. Yeah...right!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll need to wear a blindfold, not go out and stay away from the internet for a month then won't you???? Ha ha!!! In fact, the best thing to do is lock yourself in your craft room and not come out for a month.....


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