Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Circle of Friends Award

Two special blogging friends have kindly given me this award: my friend Vanja in Serbia who is an SBS "sister" and who, besides being a dear friend, produces the most amazing, creative cards and my friend Judith, who is a fellow Elusive Images stamp addict, who produces beautiful, original cards.

Thanks friends :).

I try not to pass on awards now, so many of us find it tricky to pass them on and don't like to do it. Please, if you're kind enough to be reading my nonsense, count yourself part of the Circle of Friends and give yourself the award :)


  1. Anne I haven't swapped stamped images before, but would be interested in giving it a go! Judith

  2. I lke that award is very sophisticated. Your blog page is very impressive also. Thanks for asking about the move. We put a bid on a house and offered what the bank was asking but we didn't get it. Very disappointing because we were fifteen steps ahead of ourself. Then I remembered some thing I read about Ahab in the bible how he went to bed discouraged because his neighbor wouldn't sell him his vineyard. I kept hearing "Don't be like Ahab". So back to the planning board. I really like to soft grey on your page. Thanks for asking true friend.


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