Thursday, 26 November 2009

No Twisted Thursday - but Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it

I don't have my usual Twisted Thursday Challenge card to show you this week; the team is taking Thanksgiving off and enjoying time with their families. There are still some great cards on display from the Design Team, using holiday images.
You can check them out here:
S2G Challenge Blog

I'm re-posting a fun and blingy card I made a few weeks back. I have nothing new and completed to show you :(. Having battled with the inevitable cold for a week I now have conjunctivitis in both eyes. Can't read, can't craft, can't watch tv, can't use the computer for more than a few minutes. I'm not a happy bunny.


  1. Poo Anne! I am so sorry. that too would make me awfully crancky. Hang in there! You gave us a beautiful creation to drool over so no worries and off you go to rest.

  2. You must be feeling really miserable Anne. Hope you get over this real quick and are feeling better soon.
    Look after your eyes - don't be like me, the specialist now says I won't be able to wear contacts again - *!**##

  3. Oh Anne, I'm so sorry that you're feeling poorly. Not fun when you can't do all the things you want to do. I hope you feel better really soon.



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