Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's not as bad as it looks!

I have new rubber, but it's not as much of a spending spree as it appears... honest!
The two left hand sets are Graphicus Guild limited edition stamps. I know, they're not free, but they're great value and both useful sets.
The others are all Paper Artsy stamps that came as a gift when I renewed my Craft Stamper subscription, which had lapsed a while back. Lovely stamps, I like the swirly set. Trouble is, I've run out of EZMount so I can't easily use my lovely new stamps!


  1. Scrummy stash....thinking about the Craft Stamper mag myself.. had it a couple of times and it looks full of ideas! Only trouble is it tempts you to buy more stamps!!!
    Run out NOW and get some EZ mount!

  2. Cool. Looks like a lot of fun. I love new stamps.


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