Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Busy Week

Usually I have to go to at least one evening meeting a week for work. This week I had none, so you might think I would have more time. This was not the case!

We went to see the wonderful Leafhound in concert on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, in between work crisies, Sainsburys shopping, parent's evening for oldest son and picking a friend up from Didcot station for the racing, there was no time for crafting.
Friday and Saturday we went to Cheltenham for a very exciting two days of racing. There was much controversy on Friday with a jockey losing his whip and taking a whip from another, as well as the jockey in the cross country race that was believed to have taken a short cut by all on the course - except the stewards! Saturday was very high-class racing, marred only by the serious injury to Ruby Walsh who suffered a ruptured spleen and is now recovering from its removal. We were lucky to be very on form with our betting and I have a nice pot of money for the end of my stamp diet...


  1. wow leafhound rock!! i am going to have to get their cd!!!

  2. Sounds like a full but satisfying week. Hope next week is a good one too. xx Judy


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