Friday, 3 July 2009


It's been so hot over the last few days that I've not been crafting much. After the last few summers we've endured though, I won't complain about the lovely sunshine :). Last night when I went to do the horses, the scent of the limes trees at the farm where I keep them was almost overpowering, the sweet peas and the mock orange in the garden are fabulous for scent and the roses are looking great.
But the stars of my garden at the moment are the hollyhocks. I didn't plant them, the flowerbed is a new one we've dug out. They've just arrived and thrived :). Aren't they beautiful?

Tomorrow I'm planning to go to the Newbury Art Stamps show, which is only twenty minutes away. I have a list, but I know it will be ignored when I see all the new stamps and papers and must-have gadgets... Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are and a Happy 4th July to my friends across the Atlantic:)


  1. Gorgeous flowers!! Just gorgeous!

  2. Anne - Your hollyhocks are beautiful! I have so many in a perennial bed at my mom's that I planted years ago. They're just starting to bloom. I tried finding some for my perennial bed at some local nurseries (the ones at my mom's were too big to transplant by the time I was working on my bed) and had the hardest time. I could only find double hollyhocks, which I don't like as much.

    Your garden is just delightful!! I'm so glad you shared the photos. I'll have to share photos of my posies on my blog, too!

  3. Oh, Anne, what beautiful flowers! I love your roses! We have a lime tree in our yard and the scent, epecially in the evening is beautiful! :)

    Have a lovely evening

    PS.Have a great time at the Newbury Art Stamp show! All the stamps and papers... I'm so jealous! lol :)

  4. I'm so glad you've shared your photos Anne. They are just stunning. I love looking at other peoples gardens and it doesn't make me feel so guilty about putting flower photos on my blog, I always fear I'm boring everyone to death. Your Hollyhocks are beautiful and lucky you them just arriving like that. I can't get them to grow at all here. That rose is just beautiful aswell.
    More please!!!
    Have a great time at Newbury.


  5. These are gorgeous. I have some flowers on my Facebook page
    Joan Brierly..there are 34 different flowers here but some of them I can't figure out what they are. Maybe my gladiolas are really hollyhocks..hmmm? Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers. A lime tree--gonna have to try that one.

  6. Your garden must be a real picture Anne. I'm quite jealous and I won't be posting photos of mine any time soon as it is winter here and it looks very neglected.


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