Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Rescued from the bin

For some reason this week's one layer LIM Challenge of Wings gave me a real mental block.  I inked up this Sheena Douglass stamp for the first time but had a lot of trouble stamping it out without either an unclear image or dirty marks around the edge of the stamp.  I have rockerblocks to avoid this problem and haven't a clue what I was doing wrong!  This attempt, watercoloured with Distress Inks, ended up in the bin last night, however I decided it wasn't as bad as I thought and I rescued it.

This is the last piece of watercolour cardstock I had so my confession is that this won't end up a one layer card:  I like it as it is, but if you turn it over there is a reject stamped image on the other side!  Oh well, just a very simple mat will turn it into a useable card...


  1. Hi Anne
    It seems an age since I visited, how bad is that!!!, but like you sometimes other things just get in the way and Mr Mojo goes on his hols.
    Anyway, I spotted your beautiful blue tit and had to come and have a look. I'm so glad you rescued him from the bin, he's great.
    Have you tried cutting your stamp really close up to the stamp lines, this may get rid of the inked edges. I'm afraid I can't get on with rock a blocks and never manage a clear impression even though Sheena recommends to hold them in the middle rather than at the ends. It's still the old faithful acrylic block for me although if I don't have a cushioned stamp I try stamping onto a surface with some give like a mouse mat. Hope this helps a bit.
    Hugs Lisax

  2. It's a great stamp with lovely colouring. I'm sure it'll make a nice card matted up a bit!!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Glad you stuck with it, this is beautiful. xx

  4. Hi Anne, so glad you decided to keep it! The little bird is so pretty and your colouring is lovely.

    I know what you mean about getting marks around the stamped image. One thing I do now is look at my acrylic block before I stamp and wipe off any ink that's there before I stamp and found this helps. Sue x

  5. Thanks for visiting Anne ... I know just how you feel about the reverse of cards ... I had one I used three times (back and inside!) before I got it right ... yes, a CAS card became a layered one! Love the colouring on this, such a sweet image. Anita in France.

  6. Well it was well worth rescueing Anne. Lovely card and it makes a change not to see a robin on a Christmas card.
    Lynne xxx

  7. So glad you changed your mind! The colours you used are perfect, and often the young ones are still a bit yellow on their faces. I love him

  8. Hi Anne, your little bird looks lovely he definately deserved saving. Lovely colouring. Hugs x ChrisB

  9. I'm glad you rescued it!
    He's a cute little birdie and I'm glad he will make it onto a card without a random stamp on the back!

    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  10. Adorable birdy! I have some stamps that no matter what, I struggle with to get a clean stamp.

  11. Aack! Threw it out?... you must have the prettiest trash in the neighborhood :) so glad you gave it a second chance- it's ever so sweet. Hope all is well with you...

  12. Love the watercolour effect of the stamp, it has a very arty look.


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