Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Places to go...

We've been blessed with good weather for our week off and have been out and about. Yesterday I had a work appointment, but Geoff came along too. It was a tour of Oaksey House in the village, a unique facility, just opened, that provides fitness and rehabilitation for jockeys, along with homes for those who need it, including a self-contained unit for respite care for some of the paraplegics that they look after.

The building is astonishing, it is light and airy and has so many wonderful design features and little touches. I won't list them all here, but click on the link and have a look. Each room has been named after a benefactor (Hitchin's kitchen) or a horse (Party Politics is the meeting room) and I was mesmerised by the murals that have been painted by a very talented artist called Jess Arthur.

Can I point out that this is a mural, NOT a photo! :)

Today we visited the garden at Rooksnest, a large house a mile or so away, as the garden was open in aid of charity.

The gardens were beautiful, the house is stunning.

Can you guess what is inside the building with the tower? Bet you can't...

It's an indoor swimming pool with a water slide inside the tower - yes really! A small Disney waterpark in Lambourn Woodlands...

To top everything, I saw the first swallows of summer in the stableyard at Rooksnest!

Roll on summer...

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  1. Thanks for sharing Anne! It's wonderful to see what other parts of the world are like and even the decor in buildings is wonderful to see.


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